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We Believe that the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Godhead:

  • Convicts men of sin and regenerates, baptizes, indwells, seals and sets apart
    believers unto a Holy Life;

  • Keeps and empowers believers everyday; and Is the teacher of the Word of God and the Guide for daily living

We Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ:

  • His external existence as God;

  • His incarnation and Virgin Birth;

  • His death on the cross as the substitionary atonement for sin;

  • His literal, bodily resurrection from the dead;

  • His present ministry of intercession in heaven; and

  • His personal, future return to earth.

We Believe that:

  • Man was created innocent and pure and that Adam fell through sin of disobedience, therefore, all men are corrupted in body, soul, and spirit. All men need redemption

  • Salvation is by grace, a free gift of God apart from works;

  • Salvation requires repentance, a turning from one's way to God's way;

  • Salvation is through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ;

  • All who receive Jesus Christ are regenerated by the Holy Spirit and become the children of God