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Special Guest Information Sheet (Official)
Social Media For Guest
Facebook Address:  Twitter Address:  Instagram Address:

A W9 is required to receive a deposit or payment, linked below.

Please send w9 to and


*Please note, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Travel Notes

Preferred Seating (Window or Aisle) , Frequent flyer/ Sky-Miles information 

Are you traveling with someone?

Hosting preferred beverage information for guest

Favorite Beverages: Water, Coca Cola ,Sprite, Grape Juice, Apple Juice, Hot Tea, Hot Coffee, Other

*Please note, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Will guest need hosting church to provide a product table?
If you answered "No" will you be being your own table or product display?
Guest would like 1 volunteer to assist in selling

Product Notes:

Please note guest will need their own change bank and will be responsible for all sales, returns, and refunds if requested by purchasers. Guest understands they will be responsible for all taxes and fees that may be due as a result of sales.

If guest needs to mail product, mail no more than 7 days prior to their visit to the 
Attn: Word of Truth Christian Church
PO Box 914
Bremen, GA  30110

Please provide a return mailing label with postage paid if you would like us to return any unsold items. All items will be returned within one week. Word of Truth waives all responsibility for lost or damage products.

The Guest name, image and likeness will be used to assist in the marketing and promotion of this event. The session will be recorded, packaged, sold and may be aired on television broadcast or social media. All rights will be waived for payment. (Note: if other terms are needed, provide a separate media release form for signature.)


To assist us in promoting the event, please submit a professional photo (at least 300 dpi), bio AND/OR a video snippet (sent via Dropbox) for marketing purposes. Please send both to:

Please Note we will do our best to accommodate your request.